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I want to talk to authors about some marketing strategies that we have found to be very successful. So first I can’t begin anywhere except Twitter, because I think Twitter is about the most powerful marketing tool and professional development tool that there is, and if you don’t have a Twitter audience.

You really need to build one, and – and I can help you with that, if you need help a lot of people already on Twitter and a lot of our authors already have good audiences, you ciara, I have a hundred and four thousand followers at this recording and You know I have a lot of strategies, I use to promote books and you can find these on here.

There’s. There’s, a whole lot of them here’s, my family wearing heck, learning t-shirts, so anyways there’s a there’s. A lot of things on here that you can do two without just saying: hey buy my book there’s, a lot of great things.

You can do on Twitter to build buzz about your book. So let’s, make sure we’re, getting involved with Twitter and tweeting out topical tweets and videos and pictures and things about your book that ultimately lead people to your Amazon landing page goodreads.

If you’re, not on Goodreads, you really should get on Goodreads right away. Goodreads is tremendous and you can pull in your Twitter followers, which is tremendous as well. If you have a large following on Twitter, like I do, you can invite any of those people who are on Twitter to friend you on Goodreads, as you can see, and I’ve got the books on here up up here, you’Ve got your author bio, which is really important.

You want to make sure you, you know you, beef up your author, bio, you can add your books once you join as an author very easily, so you want to get on Goodreads there’s. A lot of really great things when you, when you jump in to explore over here for authors on Goodreads one of those, is giveaways.

You can run a giveaway and you run your own giveaway, promote your own book in the giveaway and then and x 10. Will happily send out the books that people win? So you look here. This is someone of course fiction tends to do a little better on Goodreads, so this person is going to give away signed paperback.

What’s great about this, and he’s. Gon na do five copies you don’t have to do five. You can do one two three, and what’s great! You see here that eight thousand and thirty seven people have requested, in other words, they just click to enter giveaway and it’s that simple it’s really easy to do.

And then you’re entered and then goodreads takes care of it. They will handle the giveaway and send you a message as to whom your winners are and then, of course again you just get that information and you provide it two times.

Ten and and we’ll ship, those out for you, it’s, a great way to create buzz it doesn’t matter. If you give away one book, when you get thousands, or even this there’s 700 people requesting when you get hundreds, maybe thousands of people asking for what they do.

Is they mark it as a to read book and then eventually, if they don’t win, they’re, going to read it and it’s and it helps you get reviews it’s. Just a tremendous thing, so you want to use good reads as well.

Facebook I’m, not as big of facebook fan as I am a Twitter fan, but you really need a facebook presence now. The other thing I do is is groups are really important. Anyone who knows me knows about my teachers throwing out grades group and in about a year it took me to get over 5,000 members.

So if you have a topic about which you write, you might consider creating a group and building that group, because you can really generate buzz, so I ‘ Ve, certainly sold a lot of books to people on this teachers throwing out grades.

Facebook group here’s, a tool you may not know about it.’s called Green inbox. This is green and what green inbox will do is they will connect your facebook, twitter linkedin accounts, and then they will send messages typically through email to those people.

Now you can see this comes with a price you might want to try this. It’s, not it’s, not a huge expense, and if you have a good Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter audience that you’d like to try this with talk to them to me, and we can certainly discuss some Support from x 10, if you think this is a good campaign, it’s a great way to do it.

I don’t know if you’re on periscope. Some of our authors are and – and I’ve dabbled in periscope, but periscope is great to do webinar type stuff. It’s through Twitter and you just use your camera and you aim and shoot, and you talk and you’re live and you can pull in your Twitter followers and you’re live on periscope and the great thing, Though, is you can download that video and then put it on youtube or you can use this? Is catch and it’s catch it’s off the screen.

It’s catch me. So if you see this k, TCH m e free service and you connect your periscope to catch and every time you create a periscope, video or a scope, it pulls it in here automatically. So this is great because then you can lead people here you can.

You can share these out, so i did a video here about hacking, education and the hack learning series and, and it’s great, because people interact and people share it on Twitter. So if you get really good at this, you can do a lot of these.

They’re easy to do. You can use your mobile device and they’re, really really tremendous. So that’s great, i will create a landing page for your book that’s. This is a landing page and this is through lead pages.

Leadpages is pretty expensive and i create these for all books in the hack learning series. But if you have other tools where you can create a landing page, just a one page website that does a lot of different things.

So this one here is, you see it’s, got the amazon, barnes and noble links, which is nice. I pulled in some quotes a lot of this stuff’s right off the amazon page linkedin twitter feed the hack learning twitter feed, so people can see what that’s about sure tweeting to hashtag, hack learning.

I in I added this video so and that’s. Nice then you can put on YouTube. You can share it out. You put it on a landing page, put on your blog whatever, so I just created this using leadpages, but you could do it with wordpress blog or a lot of other things and it’s, just a great way to lead people to your your Landing page, so you know at some point, is they take a look inside hacking, education and when people click that they’re taken to the Amazon page and just off the shot? Is a picture of the book and the look inside and then it’s got you know all the other stuff that you want, so you want to get people here.

Put your landing page in your in your email, create an author page on amazon and again my bio and stuff is just off the shot. I’ve got a picture and my bio, but you know it, you can pull in your books.

You can pull in updates from your blog there’s. There’s, a lot of things you can do and it’ll populate all your books and there’s. Nothing like this. You can put it in your email, you can add a link to it in your Twitter on Facebook and the idea is to constantly get people coming to your page and then, ultimately, they’ll and there and they go back to your book and It’s, a great way to get people to sell, keep in mind that hack learning we use Kindle direct publishing, which means we’re exclusive to Kindle with our ebook service.

But what’s great about that is? It includes Kindle unlimited. So if someone is a member of Kindle unlimited for 990 something a month, they can get up to 10 free books at a time. So it’s great as they can get your book.

It looks like they’re, getting it for free, but we still make royalties an Amazon. Prime member can borrow the book every time a book is borrowed from Prime, the author or publisher, makes two dollars per borrow, so feel free to promote to your friends, family colleagues, that they can use their unlimited and their prime memberships to get your book for free.

If they want the ebook copy, so those are just a few things keep in mind start with Twitter. If you’re, not on Twitter, get on it build your audience. If you need to learn more about building an audience, let us know we can help you with that, but it’s really important that we are all pushing people toward hack learning books in general, because your book will be a part of the series And then to your book as well, so those are some marketing tips from us here at hak learning get out there and tell the world about your book and about the hack learning series.


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