I Don’t Trust Book Report. Let’s Talk About It

If you work with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) at all, you’ve probably heard about Book Report, which you might also know as Book Report App.  It basically reads the information in your Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard and puts it in easy-to-read charts.  It also exists right there in your browser window, so you can follow along with your overall book sales during the day.  It also makes a little “cha-ching!” sound every time it learns that you’ve sold a book, which is nice.

Here’s the thing, though.  I don’t like giving ANY third party access to all of my back-end information.  I know this is going to make me sound paranoid, but I don’t like the fact that you can’t easily find out who the developers are BEHIND Book Report.   I’ve tried emailing them a few times, and the email came back undeliverable.  That’s the email you would use if you needed tech support as well, which I don’t love.

Book Report is free until you make $1,000 in profit, which I guess is good because the charts give you a clear overall picture of what you’re selling, which helps you focus your niches and your design style.

Still, if you’re a serious business (and if you’re doing over $1,000 in profit per month, to the point where you would be paying their fee, you definitely ARE a serious business), I would be seriously skeptical about sharing your entire account with complete strangers.

The thing to ask yourself is– why?  Why is their service free (up to a certain point)?  How are they making money if they are only charging the top tier for their service?  If no one knows who is behind the service and the developers never do any press, why would we trust them with our information?

IN MY OPINION, what is to stop a third-party developer from looking into your account and replicating all of your bestsellers?  

I’m.  Just.  Saying.  

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