Why Your Book Isn’t Selling

Your book, why isn’t it selling? You were at a tremendous book that you know everyone will love, but yet, when you open up your sales data, a tumbleweed rolls across your computer screen. If you’re wondering why your book sales are flatlining and you have aspirations of reaching an audience larger than your immediate family.

We ‘ Ve got some great tips for you to speak on Lulu University, [, Music, ]. First, up on our list of reasons why your book may not be selling you don’t have any reviews. Today we live in a culture where people review stuff.

They look at other reviews to find out if they want to buy stuff and that’s happening with your book. You should have already solicited book reviews before your book launch, but if you haven’t, you need to be consistently working to get new reviews.

One way to do this is to work with other any authors and offer swaps. Maybe you’ll review their book if they review yours. Another thing we see a lot of authors doing is give away copies for free in return for a review of the book and if all else fails, there are paid services like Kirkus Reviews or even a platform like Fiverr, where you can pay people to review the Book up next, maybe your subject: it’s just too broad.

When we talk to people and ask who is this book for if you say everyone, everyone will love this book there’s, a telltale sign that you’re, probably missing the mark. So this is a lot large publishers go to such an extent and make sure that the books they take on really fit on your expectations and the readers know what they’re gonna get so you may be in a situation where you wrote A book we didn’t really hone in on your ideal reader or who your book is really for.

If you haven’t done that we have a great video on reader personas that you should definitely check out. But this is something worth considering if you’re, not seeing the book sales that you want next on the list, maybe your book, just isn’t relevant anymore.

This is probably more applicable for nonfiction authors, but the longer book is on the shelf, the more the market can change, and maybe your data changes or some of the implications that you put may have changed so keep in mind that it’s, important To keep your content relevant and fresh and as a bonus updates to content on Lulu are free, so you can make revisions to your manuscript anytime.

But regardless, if you’re using to publish your book, you just want to make sure that the content is always up-to-date and that can help boost sales. Next up. Maybe your book description, misleading. So a book description is a huge factor in selling your book.

If your book is not delivering what you’re promising in the description that can lead to disappointed readers and bad reviews. So you want to make sure that your description on the back of the book matches the content inside of it next up your cover sucks.

Maybe maybe it does, even if you love it, it might suck. If you’re, not a skilled graphic designer and you design your own cover the chances. Are it’s? Not that good, so Louie we published over a million books and nothing hurts me more than when I see a wonderful book wrapped inside horrible cover it’s, not gonna make it.

So I’m gonna go anywhere. If your book, doesn’t, have a good cover, it doesn’t matter. If you have all the answers, all of life’s burning questions on the inside, no one is ever gonna read it.

So if you were on a shoestring budget, even if you have no money for anything else, cover cover cover, that is one of the biggest factors in making sure that your book gets the eyes and the attention it deserves.

And you get the sales that you’re looking for next up on the list, the price, so obviously you and I we both know that you made a wonderful book. I know that is totally worth thirty dollars. A copy people should be, people are lucky to get that book for $ 30 a copy, but the problem is similar.

Titles in your genre are selling for $ 7.99, so that’s. One thing to consider: if you’re, not seeing the sales that you want. Where is your price point if it’s, not in line with other books in your genre that can make people kind of iffy about it or may be wondering? Why is this book so expensive? I’m, not gonna pay that much or if it’s on the other end of the spectrum and your pricing yourself way below your competition that might make people think maybe there’s, something wrong with this book And I don’t want to pick it up, so be sure to look in your genre and other books that are similar chairs, see where those price points are and make sure yours is in the middle.

If you’re, not sure how to price your book check out our earlier episode on how to price your book. Maybe your book isn’t selling because you didn’t position it correctly, so that just means that you need to do a little bit more market research to see what the market is asking for.

So you can hone in on your target audience and give them exactly what they need. If you’re unsure how to do this, you can check out our earlier video on how to position. My book last on this list pains me to say this.

I wanted to tell you this: maybe you’re just not doing enough. Maybe you knocked it out of the park on all the other things that I said. Maybe you have a bee beautiful cover. Maybe you have the perfect price point? Maybe your book description is killing it, but maybe you’re just not doing enough.

Marketing is the part of the puzzle that is going to last throughout your whole book launch process and well before it and well. After our most successful authors on our platform and the most successful books come from authors that are really intentional and very diligent about building the right audience positioning their book correctly and then marketing from the beginning to the end.

So, even if you’ve done everything else on this list correctly. If you’re just sitting back and kicking your feet up and waiting for those likes and comments, and subscribers come in it’s, not gonna happen.

You have to be actively trying to reach new markets reach new readers, get work, get the word out there about your book meeting with other authors in your genre and trying to cross-promote never stop marketing.

That is the piece of it that is going to be consistent throughout and that’s. What you need to pay the most attention to, if every other thing on this list, you can check off, go back to your marketing and see what you may be missing or what you can do more of and if you’re, not sure if You’re out of resources.

We’ve done some really great videos on some things. You can do to rub up your marketing game, so definitely check those out still not sure what your book isn’t selling. The way that you like well leave us some questions in the comments below and we’ll see.


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